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Precision Haircut explained

Precision cut today could mean anything from a perfectly engineered bob haircut to avantgarde disconnected and texturized styles. From what I've been taught precision cut is the idea that by using the right techniques and by choosing an appropriate design, any texture of hair could be tamed into a natural, easily styled look. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Precision haircuts take into consideration various factors of the client's features - face shape, hair density, length, and wave patterns (if any), preferred styling side. With all that and even more in mind, the stylist has to create and apply design lines - making your hair flow naturally in the desired style. Here I'd like to underline that it is very important to keep your head still in the position directed by the stylist. You've been warned!

While researching, I've discovered that the current information on precision haircutting is quite misinterpreted - some people tend to believe it is a style on its own (a perfect bob) while others think it's an overly texturized and chopped cut. It's both, and so much more.

To summarize - precision haircut creates an engineered look in which each hair section is cut with a reason in place and in accordance with the rest of the client's appropriate characteristics, thus creating a natural-looking style, that falls easy into shape.

By adding appropriate treatments, especially on more frizzy hair, you could maximize the longevity and smoothness of the final style. Check out Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Treatment and Olaplex Smoothing Treatment.

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