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#Nicksperience Series: A woman's word

Happy International Women's Day! Thank you to all the women around us - for bringing beauty to everything they touch, for blessing us with their grace, for being the inspiration, they are.

The 3rd episode from the Nicksperience Series is a testimonial by the beautiful Chelsea (IG: @lintmint), who has been seeing me for almost a year now. The project's idea of expressing the inspiration women bring in our lives turned into realization of how much I personally have been motivated and inspired by women throughout my career. It grew into an observation of how much women's roles and importance in the sociocultural prism of modern existence. 

All of that ultimately lead to putting all the pieces together and thanks to the best videographer Joe Moore (@joemoorephoto) this has turned out to be the best #Nicksperience episode yet. 

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