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#NICKSPERIENCE - My vow to all of you

Do you ever stop to think about your work, after the day is over? I do. Lately, quite a lot.

When I started this new chapter of my life, called NICK'S CUTS, I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know If it would be a successful endeavour, or if it would even make me enough to live off of. It was all a big unknown.

Month #5 starts today and even though it is still the beginning, I have never felt more accomplished and headed towards the right way. My books still have some room in them, yet I have never been busier than I am at the moment. And I owe it all to YOU - every single one of my clients. I love my interactions with every one of you, so unique and so wonderful.

Why me? Why am I so special? Am I so special? I started thinking about all the times I have refused to do a certain haircut and have explained my "Why's?" to my clients. Not only have they always let me do whatever I want, but they have always came back too. I thought of a few people along the way, to whom I literally have refused services, because in my opinion they weren't right for their hair types. They came back too.

​The train of thought took me up and down my 6 years of experience and through countless variable situations with different people. I've asked one of my clients, why does she keep coming back, when I always give her a haircut different than the one she wants. She simply said: "Because I trust you."

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed all the promotions, giveaways and incentives I've been using to try and say "Thank you", to all of you. Yet it still felt like it's not enough. With the help of 3 wonderful people: Joe Moore (IG: @joemoorephoto), KoKo and the beautiful Stephanie Dominguez the #NICKSPERIENCE project was born.

What is #NICKSPERIENCE? It's a promise for a complete, personalized experience every time you're in my chair. It's an assurement I will continue accumulating knowledge and new techniques,  and adding services to my menu. It's my commitment to stay honest not just to myself, but to my clients as well.

All the above said, I have an exciting announcement: Slowly I will be introducing Coloring Services to my menu! If you go to the BOOK NOW page, you'll find that Balayage is already on there. Ready to book your next color with me?

Sincerely yours,  ​Nick Hissam

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