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March Product Highlight: Next Level by IGK

Sometimes we get up from the bed in the morning, go to the mirror and surprisingly our hair looks like we just walked out of the hair salon. Then, out of nowhere, Beyoncé's angelic voice starts confirming what just happened with "I woke up like this...". And then... We actually wake up. 

Dull and flat hair happens to everyone, especially if temperatures outside are low, but thanks to the Next Level by IGK, that does not have to bother us anymore! 


Next Level heat-activated volume spray

Next Level by IGK is a  "buildable, non-crunchy volumizing mist", packed with vitamins rich coconut fatty acids, resulting in a smooth and hydrated hair with a touch of shine. The geranium extract balances the scalp and keeps it non-oily. 

Perhaps the most interesting ingredient here is the Nordic cotton extract. Cotton extracts have been in used widely in cosmetics in the last 5 yrs, but this truly is the first hair product that packs the power of cotton extracted oils - it gives the hair instantaneous volume fix. The heat activated polymers add a "long-lasting, ​flexible hold for shiny, workable volume that won’t fall flat." 

Next Level is suitable for both women and men, especially if you need a little more fullness.

​The product is vegan, vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without gluten, petrolatum, and mineral oils. It's safe for all hair types, including colored/treated hair. 

NICK'S TIP: Split the hair and spray on scalp/roots for extra root lift. Be generous with the amount of product used and be sure to brush after application to redistribute evenly. 


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