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Hanz De Fuko - No parabens. No sulfates. No regrets.

"Creative individualism, self-expression, and self-care" - these are the the motivational sources the creators of Hanz De Fuko based their brand on.  Made with natural and organic ingredients, these unique products are going to satisfy every male hair type. 

The task to create all-natural and/or organic products that work is not always the easiest. The Venice based company took on the challenge and created an individualistic line of products that not only works, but delivers exclusive results to the customer.

The Hanz De Fuko line includes an array of styling and care products. Each products is designed to deliver an individualized styling experience, paraben and sulfate free. All products are Made in USA and are not tested on animals.

For more information, ask during your next appointment or visit Hanz De Fuko official website.

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