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Expanding #Nicksperience

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hello all!

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog (almost a year) and I'm excited to reconnect with everyone in the online world. Work has been a fairy tale and I love seeing your faces over and over again!

All of my clients know that last year I have introduced color to my services and that is one of the main reasons to be MIA from my blog and social media channels - as it's been extremely rewarding and successful to create and apply beautiful color formulas, personalized to every person in my chair, but it also has been time consuming and full of new material to read and assimilate. At the same time I wanted to update my blog weekly and post on social media... There weren't enough hours in the day to do it all.

A year into it, I love adding natural color to people's life, I feel more than comfortable with it and have regained some of my time.

Last year I had the idea of posting tips, tricks and product recommendations on my blog with the goal to test and include products outside of the realm of brands I use daily. Having some time to shape that idea better I decided that making all that a part of my #Nicksperince vow would be a great reintroduction into the digital world.

As part of expanding Nicksperience I will be publishing a series of blogs explaining all of my services more thoroughly in a language, that's familiar to all. I will be testing popular products, talking about trending cuts and touching on problems from the industry - all in a conversation I will be creating throughout my online presence. Don't hesitate to ask me questions! I will also be reworking my loyalty program in the coming months, making it easier to understand and apply for each client.

My old website was build in a way, that makes all of the above extremely hard to accomplish, so the need of an updated one was inevitable - I'm happy to present to you Nick's Cuts Website version 3.0 with new design, logo and structure. We've added a NICKSPERIENCE tab for a quick and easy access to the all the new content. Thank you to everyone who's been patient with the switch as it took almost a week. There's some more changes and adjustments to be made before I release some new content, but I wanted to share all of this with you!

Thank you for the millionth time to all my loyal clients, friends and family - without you this amazing journey would not have been possible. Stay tuned!



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