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CoVID-19 safety measures in place

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

As we are slowly starting to leave the pandemic behind, we all have to remember that we are not going back to the "old world" - at least not for a hot minute. In addition, humanity hasn't won the battle with the virus yet, so each one of us has to keep implementing measures to minimize the possibility of getting sick. Our clients' safety is top priority. With that in mind, Ēthos Collective will be implementing safety measures & rules, in compliance with the appropriate state guidance & laws. Please note that these are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Visits to the salon will be limited to scheduled appointments only. Companions (friends, family, pets) will not be permitted inside the salon.

  • Text your stylist upon your arrival. Door will be locked while stylists perform services. Being late might result in rescheduling your appointment.

  • Before you sit in the chair we will measure your temperature. Please wear a face mask (one will be provided if you don't) and sanitize your hands upon entering the premises. Mask should be on at all times inside the salon.

  • Blow drying service will not be offered for the time being. We know it sucks. We have some great products to speed up air drying!

If you are exhibiting any symptoms you will be kindly asked to reschedule your appointment.

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding. Can't wait to see your beautiful mask-covered faces soon! Contact me if you have any questions!

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